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Dantas Elite 

Reach your soccer goals with high level training


Why us?

Using my passion for soccer, 12 years as a professional player and 10 years coaching experience, I can help you achieve and surpass your soccer goals. 



What My Satisfied Clients Think

My son trained with Vini Dantas and he is now playing division 1 soccer. Vini taught him so much during his sessions. It was such a valuable experience and I know it took my son's game to the next level. He is truly a great soccer trainer and a great mentor!

Holly Ruckman

Vini trained my son in soccer during his middle and high school years. Vini not only taught him great soccer skills but confidence in himself. He really helped him reach higher levels. I am forever grateful for his influence in my sons life. He is a positive role model for anyone trying to reach a higher level in sports.

Wanda Levenson

My son trained with Vini during his time in Baltimore. Always highly organized and high intensity training sessions, however what was always more impressive was Vini's genuine commitment to his growth and development, both on and off the field. Vini is a great coach, motivator and role model for players of all ages looking to improve their game!

Ben Scherer


2767 Oak Creek Blvd, Tyler, TX 75703

1(410) 971-0599

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